Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Public transport

In more modern times, many new public vehicle to replace the traditional mode of transportation such as rickshaw, cart, boat and so forth. Government vehicles are a lot of discipline with the reason for the traffic order. Modern vehicles are less effective because it was seen - average not well maintained, for example buses - buses that are old are still in use, the smoke was pitch black out caused considerable air pollution can make people - people are not comfortable around. Not infrequently sometimes even riding the bus the bus driver with a sow - oats.

Busway presence initially be an alternative government to create a comfortable public transport for the community. Maybe at first was comfortable but gradually felt less comfortable vehicle. Karana is less well maintained. Not infrequently the crowded queues seen at bus stops, bus arrival time by reason of any unused units only slightly.
Public transport is a problem among their own traffic chaos. Although many traffic regulations. But not all road users obey the rules properly.

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