Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Find a Long Process "Passion"

To be able to set a career that may be taken, a person must have a passion (passion). However, the process to find a passion that was not an easy matter.

This diiyakan by the Career Coach Rene Suhardono. "I myself could just find my passion after the proceeds for nine years," he said during a press conference the launch of his book, Your Job Is Not Your Career at the Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/3/2010).

He said that, a person who moved around a lot of work, or called a "flea jump", not a problem. "The problem in fact the reason he moved around. If he is looking for his passion, certainly very good. But what a pity when moving around, which sought only a few percent salary increase," he added.

In addition, he also needs the motivation to be able to find passion. "Motivation is not derived from the words of a motivator. Because I believe, who can motivate yourself is not a motivator, but myself," he said.

Through his latest book which was recently launched, Rene Suhardono intends to change the views of people who often equate a career with a job. Not only that, in this book he also explains about the passion, happiness and fulfillment (fulfillment), which is achieved by someone important in his career.

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