Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Achieved Profit with Social Entrepreneurship

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com - Not many businesses run by entrepreneurs have a social orientation and community development. Businesses are more likely to increase financial gain rather than have to worry about developing a community or society.

But the condition is not absolute. There are parties that conduct entrepreneurial social or social entrepreneurship. This activity is a business which is the main orientation of community development and community. Of course, without prejudice to the financial benefits that could be obtained.

"Indonesia has a lot of players entrepreneurial society. It's just that they do not have adequate access, so not many people know," says Programme Manager British Council, Dawn Grace at a press conference Community Entrepreneurs Challenge at the Hotel Aston, Bandung, Thursday (25 / 3 / 2010).

According to him, the action of the entrepreneurs socially thus can develop a society with a more optimal, and no possibility to be able to provide revenue for the state. "Unfortunately there are many parties who are not aware they're doing entrepreneurial social, so it does not grow optimally," said Dawn.

He also added that the profits from entrepreneurship socially not be seen from the financial benefits, but also from cultural preservation, environmental conservation, and once again empower the community itself.
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