Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

How to Select Test Helmet

There are a lot of helmets being sold in the market, ranging from locally made to imports from developed countries. Well, SNI helmet rule was enforced by the government. In order for the owner of the motor is not one to buy, easy to follow tips from expert staff associations Indonesian Industrial Helmets, Thomas Lim.

First, one should pay attention when buying a helmet is the physical form of the product in accordance with the provisions, ie, full face and half face. Besides these two forms, the helmet has been ascertained not fall into the category of SNI mandatory.

Second, check the physical return the helmet to be purchased, starting from a shell, foam inside, until the straps. Make sure everything is in good condition and no one Rengat or damaged.

Third, do not hesitate suspicious of the price offered by a helmet. Thomas said, to produce one unit of the helmet with ISO standard specifications shall, helmets will be sold a minimum of approximately Rp 65,000 per unit price. "So, if below the price it is very difficult to be possible (to suspect) because the raw materials that can meet the standards that are still imported and are expensive," says Thomas.

Finally, if you like helmet brands import, then make sure that the purchases made after 1 April 2010 for download information must remain with the product. Although the standard of imported products could be higher than SNI, if there is no information, so that incoming products are contraband. Because, SNI shall apply not only to protect users, but also to protect national industries from the advancing helmets imported products.
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