Rabu, 02 Juni 2010


Pelabuhan Ratu is a lovely holiday resort, visited by holidaymakers from Jakarta and Bandung. The site is only three-hour drive from either city through cool mountain villages with picturesque sceneries. Pelabuhan Ratu - Cisolok is a 15 km stretch of breathtaking beauty with hills, mountains and very wide sandy beaches everywhere around, set against the deep blue Indian Ocean. Right next to stretches of white beaches, visitors will find thick tropical forests on rolling hills. Taking walks uphill enables the visitor to look down on the horseshoe shape of the bay's coastline, whereas at night hundreds of fishermen's boat-lamps are seemingly competing with the star-studded sky above, which is both enchanting and romantic. There is one four-star hotel, Samudera Beach, about 6 km from Pelabuhan Ratu, but several other smaller hotel and cottages are available at moderate rates.
At this virgin stage, this area represents unspoiled beauty in a typically tropical setting with hospitable inhabitants. Because of its proximity to Jakarta, more tourists visit this area from the capital than those from Bandung. Moreover, the highways to and from Pelabuhan Ratu have recently been greatly improved to assure the visitor of a smooth ride to enjoy the sceneries that pass even well. Good for taste, swimming, sun bathing and surfing.
Sumber : http://www.indonesia-tourism.com/west-java/pelabuhan-ratu-beach.html
Opinion :
Pelabuhan ratu became one of the most gorgeous beaches I have visited there. In the afternoon many people are playing around the beach. All seemed relaxed. There also are pictures taken at the sight of the sea. Many small children who play football. Boats - fishing boats lined the beach even though a bit messy. On the morning of people already roll - came kepantai crowded. Waves big enough in the morning. The atmosphere is cool morning makes the heart feel at peace. Fresh air is heard only the sound and the faint sound of waves - faint laughter happy children - small children who play around the beach water. The trip to the beach full queen warren ports makes the trip more interesting.

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